Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fun week

This past week Annie and I enjoyed a fun adventure heading north into LA to go see a rock concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  We decided to drive to Long Beach and then take the Metro/Subway so as to avoid dealing with traffic and parking.  It still took a long time and unfortunately we missed the opening act which we were excited to see a band called The National, but we thoroughly enjoyed Modest Mouse's set and R.E.M. put on a great  show they were the headliner.  We didn't get home to bed until about 1:45 after picking up the kids, so I was pretty tired Friday morning getting up for work.  Then Friday a friend at work invited me to go to the Angels game, so we went along with a Marketing director in town from Australia.  Enjoyed visiting and interacting with the lady from Australia who had never been to a Pro Baseball game before.  Saturday was an epic frisbee game my team fought back from down 15-19 to tie the game at 20-20 but we lost in the end 21-20.  Saturdays fun family activity was making California Rolls a type of Japanese sushi.  Annie did a great job for her first attempt.  Other pictures shown our a few weeks old , Stefan and I going to the baseball game.. I got a pair of company tickets at the last minute, the family at the park and sushi night. we are looking forward to seeing family in Utah next week. Hasta Luego

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