Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Annie had a fun day with Stefan and Sierra on a field trip to the farm.  They got to feed the animals and ride ponies and get dirty.  Below we see Stefan and his buddies at the Father and son outing playing with light sabers. Right above the kids had a little party in the backyard watching a movie outside and eating pizza, subsequently however our portable DVD player burnt up because we played it too long on the carpet.  So word to the wise don't play your laptops or portable DVD's on the carpet they will burn up because they don't get enough air supply.  At the bottom is a pic. of the kids playing with a little doll house that my old boss from work gave to me.  I've decided to recommit to blogging as my method of journaling, so my goal will be to make an entry once per week.  As a funny aside today some of you may have seen pigs flying because I Marcus Datwyler purchased and used a power drill.  I have resisted power tools for years and we've always borrowed neighbors or home teachers drills.  The sad thing is the ceiling in our little garage is all sheet rock practically so the mission was not accomplished in finding a spot to hand our hooks to be able to store the kayak.  Annie and I spent 2-3 hours working in the garage today trying to clean out / De-junk and make it possible to park the toyota corolla inside the garage novel concept instead of out on the street.  We haven't accomplished the mission but the day isn't over yet.

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