Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Epcot Center

Monday we ventured northward to explore some of the wonderful world of Disney. Our theme park of choice to spend the day was The Epcot Center. We got an early start and drove 3 hours with eager anticipation of line waiting in the land where dreams come true. Quite a bit had changed since I had visited the Park 14 years earlier. My highlights were once again the China 360 degree movie, Norway for dinner excellent fish (pickled, smoked, poached varieties), Soaring cool ride that simulates hang gliding over California and Honey I shrunk the audience. Annie liked dinner with the disney princesses in Norway , finding Nemo ride and cool aquarium, cool green house ride with tropical plants and the architecture of the Intl. villages. Annie did not like Mission to Mars which simulates some series gravity and stomach ping pong and almost caused her to toss her cookies.

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